I’m going to tell you a little bit about my novel. I have three main characters; a teenage girl, a middle aged woman, and an elderly lady. When I first had the idea for my story, it was about one person. I had one specific scene in my mind that I knew I had to write. Beyond that, the rest of my novel was unplanned. It still is. Once I began writing, my character began to take form, and she was very different from what I thought she would be. In general, I write what I know. And every character I write has some piece of myself in them. Especially this character. But as I wrote, I realized she also had some things in common with my mother. And my grandmother. And my aunt. That’s when I realized I couldn’t just tell this one woman’s story. I had to tell multiple stories that were all happening at the same time and that would eventually merge.

Three stories that seem isolated, but in the end are very much integrated. I haven’t figured it all out yet. But this story, while fictional in its majority, draws very much from my own relationships and, occasionally it recreates moments from my life. And although it would seem that I connect most to the youngest character, I find myself connecting to all three of the women I am writing, regardless of their age or experiences. I also find myself attempting to write from my mother or grandmother or aunt’s perspective. And although my grandmother and mother are gone, I feel like I’m learning something about them.

I don’t know what I wanted to create when I started this, and I still don’t. But this novel seems to be writing itself in a way. I’m excited about where it will take me, and I’m excited for what I’ll learn along the way. I’m just really excited, guys.

Happy writing!

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