I think it’s fitting that this post comes a day late during tech week; a week where I devote my extra time almost exclusively to dance.

It’s a stressful week, full of rehearsal, sleepless nights, and sweet presents from a secret buddy. And though stress is at an all time high, and everyone is anxious about the outcome of our shows, this week reminds me of why I stopped auditioning for dance groups after Groove said yes. Because I love Groove, and more importantly, I love the girls in Groove.

I can’t speak for other groups that I’m not a part of, but one of the things I love about Groove is that we all like each other. Going to rehearsals and doing shows is fun because we’re all just friends who love to dance. Groove is such a laid back, positive group of girls. Despite our varying personalities, we all get along and we all support each other. I always feel like I fit in, and I always enjoy spending time with these girls.

This makes it a lot easier to dance outside of my box, something I’ve been being told to do my entire life. So, whether it’s attempting to do fouettes, a skill I never feel like I’ve mastered, or flopping around like a dinosaur while doing ballet, or dancing to a ridiculous 80s song with terrible costumes, I’m down. Because I know that all the other crazy girls in Groove are too. And even if the audience doesn’t get it, we still literally rolled on the ground laughing about it.

We’re gonna have a great show this Wednesday and Friday. If you’re at Yale, I highly recommend you come see it. And if you’re not, there will be videos catching us all at our best and worst, I’m sure. And while you’ll love the dancing, I think you’ll love the dancers too. All of them, even our new babies,  have amazing personalities that shine through in their dancing. I’m grateful to be a part of this crazy, goofy, talented, wonderful group of girls.


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