On Thursday, I took my final exam for my intro psych class. I was a little distracted because I had just picked Justin up from the train station and I was excited to spend the weekend with him. Fortunately, I had actually studied throughout the week, despite it being tech week and my super busy schedule. And you know what? Something amazing happened. Despite walking into that exam exhausted and distracted, I was prepared. And I when I started reading the questions, my brain didn’t melt, I didn’t die a little inside, I did not give up before I began. Because I knew most of the answers. And I didn’t have to sit there with my eyes closed praying for the right words to swim to the front of my mind. I whizzed through the exam, and walked out of the room feeling something that I haven’t felt very often this semester: relief. I knew that I had done well. Who knew that all it took was studying???

With that being said, I just turned in my final paper this semester and now have until Friday to study for my last three exams. And like almost every other college student, I am anxious and sad and downtrodden and really, really, tired. But I know that I’ll make it. And I know that I want to feel relief when I walk out those final three exams. So I’m going to study, even though it hurts (I’d much rather watch Bones or scroll through memes). And hopefully, I will return home feeling relieved and hopeful rather than just defeated.

Some things in life you have no control over, but you always have control over yourself. I think I forget that at times, and I would do well to remember it more often.

And I would do well to remember to study more often too. Wouldn’t we all?

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